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01/20/2022: USA Westcoast

The situation at Long Beach/Los Angeles ports has improved. However, about 100 ships are still waiting offshore for clearance. Waiting time is more than 20 days.

01/12/2022: Increasing rates

Globally, we do still face a significant imbalance of container equipment. Shipping capacity also remains short. In many relations, this is leading to further increases in rates.

10/28/2021: Emergency surcharge Los Angeles/Long Beach Ports

Several 500,000 containers on the US West Coast waiting to be handled. The terminals in Los Angeles and Long Beach have therefore decided to bill ab emergency surcharge for containers as of November 1, 2021, which will be used to expand the port infrastructure. The surcharge will be due after 6 or 9 days (oncarriage by rail/truck).

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